Fine Material Washer

Fine Material Washers, also frequently named dewatering screws are utilized to clean and dewater fine aggregates typiclly minus 3/8″ or 4 mesh to fine tune end products to meet specifications and to sperate water soluble clay , silt and micro sized fine particles. Available in both single and twin screw configurations, fine material washers are mosft often used after a wet screening operation to proccess products as concrete, mason, mortar. The fine material washers are accomplished by hydraulic separation : using water to clean and classify by wieght . Larger particles( sand ) weigh more so they sink and are collected in the bottom of the trhough. They are dischareged by steel spiral shaft with replacable polyurethane or cast steel lining. The smaller lighter unwanted particles are floated to the surface and disgarged over the weirs at the lower ends of the machine.



MFWS 0976

MFWS 1010

MFWS 1197

Diameter x Length (inchxfeet) 36×25 40×33 44×32
Capacity (stph) 110 165 192
Material (inch) 3/8″ 3/8″ 3/8″
Power (HP) 15 30 25
Screw (rpm) 21 17 17
Weight (lb) 14300 23200 23200


MFWD 0880

MFWD 0976

MFWD 1197

Diameter x Length (inchxfeet) 32×26 36×25 44×32
Capacity (stph) 220 220 385
Material (inch) 3/8″ 3/8″ 3/8″
Power (kW) 2×20 2×15 2×25
Screw (rpm) 21 17 17
Weight (lb) 17000 24900 41700

Coarse Material Washer

Coarse Material washers are used to remove a limited amount of dirty material from a coarse aggregate. This material includes very water double slimes, silts, soft clay, and organic particles. They are often used as a final wash following a wet screen and are designed to scrub and clean gravel and crushed stone up to 75mm(3”) in size. Both single and double spiral units are available depending on the capacity required Features.

The high efficiency V belt drive assembly reduces power and Maintenace requirements resulting in increased life and reduced operating cost, Remove Dirty materials, Oil lubricated heavy duty gear box, heavy duty shaft, Simple replacement parts assemblies. Easy access to outboard bearing assemblies.


MCWS 0954

( Single Screw )

MCWS 1163

( Single Screw )

MCWD 0954

( Double Screw )

MCWD 1163

( Double Screw )

Diameter x Length (inchxfeet) 36×18 44×20 36×18 44×20
Capacity (stph) 165-192 220-275 330-385 440-550
Material(inch) 0-2 1/2″ 0 -3″ 0-2 1/2″ 0-3″
Power(HP) 40 50 2×40 2×50
Screw(rpm) 16-32 16-32 13-26 13-26
Machine Weight(lb) 14300 20000 23800 34200

Compact Sand Plant

To ensure maximum efficiency from your washing plant the introduction of sand washing equipment is widley accepted as the number one choice, Compact sand plants are designed for aggregate producers requiring a fines recovery plant to support their exisiting operations by reducing the volume of fine material reporting to the settling pod. The range uses centrifugal force within the cyclones(s) to remove clay, silt and slime from sand to bring it into specications and combines a collection tank , centrifugals slurry pumps hydroclones and a dewatring screen on a single chassis Features

  • Can recover 1 or 2 grades of sand from wet feed
  • Maximum recovery of all material above 200 mesh providing major reduction in fine materials discharging to the water mangment systems, thus reduing recovery cycle and saving money
  • High frequency dewatering screen with polyurethane modular media reduces residual water content in your final product to 10- 15%, ready for market straight from the belt conveyors
  • Pumps and cylcones have replaceableliners for extened


MCSP 1-70

MCSP 1-100

MCSP 1-150

MCSP 2-200

MCSP 2-250

Maximum Capacity (stph) 77 110 165 220 275
Water Requirement (gal/min) 440-880 880-1540 1320-1980 2640 3300
Cyclone Diameter (inch) 20 26 2 x 20 2 x 26 2 x 26
Screen Motor Power (HP) 2 x 5 2 x 10 2 x 10 2 x 12 2 x 12
Dewatering Screen Size (feet) 4 x 8 6 x 8 6 x 8 6 x 13 6 x 13
Pump Size (inch) 8″/6″ 8″/6″ 10″/8″ 10″/8″ 12″/10″
Pump Power (HP) 40 50 60 102 120
Weight (lbs) 13450 18100 18700 22000 22500

Bucket Wheel Dewaterer

The Bucket Wheel range of sand classification systems are designed to operate with maximum versatility for efficient dewatering and fine sand recovery from the solid-water suspension in the underflow of a washing screen or dissolving station. The twin bucket units provide the removal of clays, silts and slimes to produce up to 2 grades of sand.

Sand from a washing screen becomes a solution with water and is fed into the bucket tank of the washer. Most of the course sand is taken away by the buckets, drained and discharged. The rest of this sand then floats in suspension to the auger tank. The courser of this sand, sinks to the bottom and is removed to the buckets for discharge by the auger screw. The silt,then floats away to the customers ponds. The water flow rate is an important factor, as a material with a high percentage of fines to be removed, will require a high volume of water.


Bucket wheel dewaterers also boast a big decantation basin, providing great flexibility in control of feeding amount with feeding frequency control. An ption for slow operating speed means a very low wear part cost, even for abrasive materials, as a low speed causes less friction and creates better results for fine material recovery. These features make the bucket wheel dewaterer one of the most cost-friendly solutions for washing applications.


MBW 60

MBW 100

MBW 150

Drive (HP) 7.5 10 15
Water Consumption (gpm) 220-330 330-440 440-550
Capacity (stph) 44-66 66-110 110-165
Working (rpm) 2-5 2-5 2-5

Log Washers

Log washers are very high energy units designed to disintegrate tough clay particles. With longer wash tubs they provide significantly increased retention time. Retention can further be increased by switching to straight paddle design and higher working angles. All Log washers are provided with spray bars to make a final rinse before the product leaves the wash box.

The Log Washers are designed to produce valuable products from what was once called rejects. They scrub the faces of rocks, break down plastic clays and produce a material that is clean and easy to process. The Log Washers can accept feed up to 150mm sphere particles. With different length units, optional straight paddle design and possibility to increase working angle retention time can be changed to meet process requirements.


MLW 3625





36×25 36×30 44×30 48×30 48×35
Capacity(stph) 60-90 60-90 75-200 125-300 125-300
Material (inch) 3 3 4 6 6
Power (HP) 75-100 100-150 150-200 200-300 200-300


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