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Crusher Wear Parts

Cone Crusher Wear Parts

ESCO supplies replacement wear parts to fit all major cone crusher models, including the new high-horsepower crushers. ESCO cone crusher wear parts are engineered to maximize production by retaining the feed opening throughout the part’s lifespan, and balancing the mantle and bowl liner wear. Cone parts can be custom fit to match any application.

ESCO’s cone crusher wear parts give you:

  • Custom configuration ensures consistent production
  • Long-lasting manganese steel and durable parts increase crusher uptime
  • Precise fitting distributes stresses across the frame for less wear and tear on the equipment

Gripper Slot Bowl Liner

The ESCO gripper slot bowl liner is specifically engineered to permit oversized rock to enter the chamber and keep the feed opening clear. The ribbed mantle helps begin the crushing process higher up in the chamber for cobblestone and river rock material that is typically difficult to grab. The result is more even wear and improved production.

Main Frame Cone Crusher Liners

ESCO also fabricates Main Frame Liners and inserts that provide an economical alternative to OEM parts. Our selection of ESCO AR 400 and 500 plates and chromium carbide overlay plate offers a wider choice to address wear protection.

The benefits of ESCO’s main frame liners are:

  • ESCO AR 500 plate outwears OEM (A514) by two to three times
  • Liners can also be built to customer specifications

Jaw Crusher Wear Parts

ESCO replacement crusher jaws are engineered to last longer and crush more efficiently, while reducing wear and tear on the crusher.

The crusher jaws produce better quality rock more consistently than standard original equipment jaws, while reducing the need for re-screening and re-crushing. ESCO offers a full range of options for all popular jaw crushers, including various tooth designs, curves and alloys.

ESCO's crusher jaws give you:

  • Machined surfaces for a consistent fit with less hassle and downtime
  • Large selection of tooth and curve configurations for optimum performance in any application
  • Unsurpassed alloys for extended wear life and lower cost per ton

Screening Media



Line of injection molded polyurethane screen panels especially well suited for wet applications. Polydex is available in a variety of formulations to address applications involving high microbial attack and sticky material.



Polyurethane offers the most options, not only in terms of screen openings, but also in the integration of performance enhancing features like dams, restricted flow bars, skid bars, and deflectors. Polydex® options are numerous, and are available for issues like high wear zones, pegging, bed depth creation, drainage rates and high open area. Ease of use of our Polyurethane media is a significant benefit for maintenance crews.

Injection Molding

All polyurethane injection molded panels offer many inherent benefits such as superior quality, faster production rates, better dimensional consistency and with Polydeck’s internal tooling capabilities, new features or changes can be made quickly. Surface features are also injection molded into place, ensuring that they are uniform and stable parts of the screen media itself.


If you’re currently using some type of steel screen media, you know how much noise your screening operation makes. Our polyurethane and rubber screen media can reduce that noise level by as much as 9 decibels.

That’s a 50% reduction as perceived by the human ear. That means plant personnel can work nearby for longer periods without damaging their hearing. And, if you have neighbors, think how happy less noise will
make them.



Line of modular injection molded rubber screen panels and is highly effective for wet or dry applications where gouging and abrasion are prevalent. Rubberdex® is available in a variety of formulations including softer compounds that minimize or eliminate blinding as well as high temperature options up to 203°F.



Our rubber screen media can reduce noise levels by as much as 9 decibels. That’s a 50% reduction as perceived by the human ear. Its modular design allows for easier installation without potential injuries or back strain from larger bolt-down or metal media.


Polydeck offers various material options and panel thicknesses in our Rubberdex® system that handle issues with wear and blinding, giving you the best solution for your screen deck.

Injection Molding

Injection molded Rubberdex® synthetic blend products experience superior wear life over compression molded rubber. All rubber injection molded panels offer many inherent benefits such as superior quality, faster production rates, better dimensional consistency and with Polydeck’s internal tooling capabilities, new features or changes can be made quickly.



A Rubberdex product line that enables producers to quickly and easily convert a single or double-crowned deck to modular rubber screen media with no frame modifications. Kwikdeck is ideal for portable plants looking for the ease of modularity without the cost of a screen conversion.


No need for machine modifications

Kwikdeck is the simplest way for you to try modular screen media without having to modify your machine. Kwikdeck utilizes your existing structure, bucker bars and clamp rails.

Easy Installation

Installation of Kwikdeck is simple, but just to ensure you’ve got everything set up correctly, we’ll send out one of our experts to help you your firs t time.

15 Modular Rubber Aperture Options Available

Not only are our panels made with the highest quality materials, we make sure they are the right fit for your gradation specifications and application in mind.

Your Opportunity to Enjoy the Advantages of Modular Media at No Risk

Not only are you saving time from having to shut down your plant to replace large sections on your deck, you are saving money by only replacing individual panels quickly and easily.



Woven wire vibrating screen mesh is the most common type of screening media. The diversity of applications and low cost has made it a very popular choice on the market. A lot of construction industries use steel wire screen mesh.


Woven wire screens are a perfect match for Aggregate Processing, Washing Applications, Cement Manufacturing, Asphalt Plants and Mining Applications. On the other hand, Flour Mills, the Fertiliser Industry, Food Industry and Chemical Industries can also benefit from it.


Not all wires are made the same. To ensure the highest quality and compliance we use only DIN 17223 Grade A steel in our woven wire screen panel manufacturing. For stainless steel products we adhere to AISI 304 316 309 standards. Other standards can be used for specific individual applications.


We manufacture and supply woven wire screen panels with different sizes, shapes, patterns and apertures.



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