Material Handling

Belt Conveyor

The quality of conveyor systems in quarries and mining sites is crucial in establishing a trouble-free connection between the crushing and screening equipment. Thus, this conveyor systems are made of a solid bended steel frame and equipped with the best solutions to build and maintain trust with our customers.

Impact bars are fixed to the conveyors, where they are faced with bigger sizes of rocks. These bars are generally used under the loading part of conveyors to absorb high levels of impact energy, thus increasing the service life of conveyors. In addition, the impact rollers are used on the loading part of most conveyors to absorb medium levels of impact, improving the service time of conveyors.

Slippage reduces the efficiency of a conveyor. The conveyors are equipped with rubber-lagged drums to prevent slippage by increasing the friction between belt and drum. Also, conveyor gearboxes have a holdback system to prevent conveyors from reversing when loaded, so this system has the added effect of protecting the equipment from damage.

Belt Feeders

The Belt Feeders are chosen for their outstanding life characteristics and durability in the harshest conditions. These belt feeders has developed to suit the most demanding applications in the mining industry. Belt feeders are short belt conveyors that are specifically designed for material flow regulation, extracting
material from one area and ensuring that downstream equipment receives the appropriate volume.

These short conveyors are employed to extract material under dump hoppers or surge bins and to provide the desired, continuous feed rate for screens,crushers, and conveyors.
Belt feeder design thus needs to consider all specific requirements determined by the material being moved, as well as capacity and geometry.

The rugged design and features such as robust heavy-duty idlers, frames, abrasion resistant liners and chute work help significantly increase service life. Additionally, components are easy to access, which simplifies the maintenance process, so spare and wear parts can be quickly and easily replaced with minimal downtime. We also offer a wide range of additional features and services for these feeders to enable maximum efficiency of your operations.

  • Belt speed range: 0.01 – 0.6 m/s (i.e. adjusted when drive components selected, or with optional frequency converter)
  • Material height adjusting gate range: selected based on the biggest lump size of the handled material and can be adjusted typically 75 – 120 mm from factory preset value
  • Installation inclination: standard horizontal
  • Mounted from structures above

Mobile Hopper Feeder

A semi-mobile or mobile hopper, is a flexible material handling solution. When utilized as a temporary storage system. Also, a mobile hopper can be put to use as a measuredly feeding system, in which case a conveyor system.

The mobile hopper feeder allows operators to directly discharge from wheel loaders, grab cranes or excavators, and eliminates the double handling of material on site. The hopper feeder creates a controlled feed of material into other units.

Feed Hopper

Our line of hoppers are designed to integrate controlled feed rates and a wide range of storagecapacities.
These hoppers will provide material handling solutions to meet your product requirements, including the handling of:

  • Quarry rock boulders
  • Sand and gravel
  • Recycle materials
  • For, any other free-flowing bulk materials


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